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How To Save Money Whilst On A Round The World Trip

Travelling around the globe is a thrilling experience which an increasing number of lucky people are able to experience. Undertaking such a large trip requires a lot of careful preparation. Planning a route, booking flights and working out an itinerary are just three of the most important things to take into consideration before the trip begins. Another key consideration will be the budget, with many people asking themselves how far their budget can stretch. In order to make the trip last as long as possible, follow this guide on saving money whilst on a round-the-world adventure.

Haggle On Hotel Prices

Haggling is a key skill which comes in handy when travelling on such a long journey. During low season, when fewer tourists are in town, many hotels will be willing to lower their prices. Haggling over a room needs to be handled with a certain amount of confidence, but it is well worth the effort. Staying in a room with a four-poster bed and luxury linen hire for half the price may become addictive, so it is worth haggling at every hotel along the way.

Explore Cities By Riding Bicycles Or Electric Scooters

Every stop along the journey brings another opportunity to explore a new town or city. It may be tempting to hop in a taxi to see the sights, but in some parts of the world (particularly Europe and America) travelling this way can be extremely expensive. Ride bicycles and electric scooters in order to see the sights whilst saving a chunk of money. Exploring by bicycle or electric scooter is also an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst travelling. Always wear a helmet and make sure your health insurance covers you for accidents whilst riding. Zipping around on two wheels will allow you to explore areas which may be hard-to-reach or inaccessible when driving a car.

Eat Street Food Instead Of Eating In Restaurants

Eating out for every meal can become expensive. However, there is a simple solution: eat delicious street food instead! Places such as the Middle East and South East Asia are famous for their street food. In some countries like Thailand, it is possible to live off street food and never set foot inside a restaurant. Food from carts is often safer to eat than in some restaurants because you can see how it is being prepared right before your eyes.

Drink lots of water and take rehydration salts if you happen to become ill after eating street food. This is because vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration, especially in warmer climates.

Street food is less of a phenomenon in Europe, but there are still plenty of opportunities to try local delicacies from roadside carts. Places such as the United Kingdom are actively trying to increase the amount of street food on offer in order to attract foreign tourists.

Go Visa-Free

Depending on your nationality, it is possible to travel visa-free in many countries. UK passport holders are able to go visa-free for a short time in many countries. For example, Thailand and Vietnam can be visited without a visa depending on the length of time and whether the country was entered overseas or overland. Check the list of countries which allow you to do this before setting off on the journey. Travelling this way will potentially save quite a lot of money.

Remember to check the visa situation of every country and please understand that it may be illegal to travel without a valid visa in some places along the way.

Go Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an increasingly popular way for people to socialize and save money whilst they are travelling. Find like-minded people and contact them in order to stay at their house for free. Remember that you are a guest in their home, so even if you are only staying for one night it pays to be as courteous and helpful as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable about staying at a stranger’s house on your own, pair with a travelling buddy or take someone you know from home along on the trip.

Buy Unwanted Plane Tickets

There are a number of websites which allow you to buy other people’s unwanted plane tickets at a discounted price. Buying unwanted plane tickets is a fantastic way to save money on flights and to travel in a convenient way. Always be on the lookout for tickets because the right deal can appear at any time.


Barter For Goods

When people are travelling, they often forget that spending money isn’t the only way to acquire things. A good technique to master is bartering and swapping goods. For example, imagine that you need a new pair of walking boots but are saving money for a hotel. You meet someone who has a spare pair and they start to admire the bracelet that you are wearing – why not swap the two items?

Learn Some Useful Phrases In The Local Language

Learning useful phrases in the local language can help you to save money in certain situations. For example, if you are in a food market, asking for things in the seller’s language may impress them so they sell you the food at the ‘local’ price instead of the ‘tourist’ price. Don’t worry if you mess a few phrases up and confuse people – mistakes are all part of the learning process.

Sell Your Motorbike Once You Have Finished Riding It

Travelling by motorbike is a fantastic way to explore the world. In many parts of the world, such as South America and Asia, there is an informal network of backpackers buying and selling motorbikes during their round-the-world adventure. Join backpacker forums and Facebook groups in different countries so that you can find people to buy or sell motorbikes.

Follow this guide so that you will save money on your round-the-world adventure!

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