Monday, 21 Jan 2019

Top Reasons why Travel Insurance Is Important.

Hurricanes, missing bags, and Norovirus outbreaks – when something goes wrong on your cruise, your holiday can be ruined instantly. That is why it is important to take out cruise insurance. While insurance may just seem like another expense, experienced travellers know how essential it is. Here are five reasons you need cruise insurance.

  1. To Protect Your Investment in Case of Cancellations

Chances are, the cruise line won’t understand when you have to cancel the trip due to a family emergency, which means you probably won’t get a refund from them. Some cruise lines will try to sell you their own insurance plans, but read the fine print and you’ll discover they only offer a refund if you cancel for a very limited list of reasons, such as injury or death for yourself, sickness, or missing the cruise due to a traffic accident. If you need to cancel for another reason, a cruise line’s plan will typically offer credit instead of a refund. Avoid losing out on your investment by taking out an independent cruise insurance policy that offers wider cover.

  1. Medical Emergencies Can Happen on Cruises

When you’re relaxing by the ship’s pool, it’s easy to forget you’re nowhere near a hospital. Even if you’re in tip-top health, you can’t predict when you might break an arm or suffer a heart attack. If you have to be treated on board, be prepared for a hefty medical bill, and your regular health insurer probably won’t cover you. Furthermore, medical evacuations are not uncommon and being airlifted to the closest medical facility is a staggering expense. That’s why cruise insurance is necessary; you will need a plan with heavy emergency medical and dental coverage, and coverage for medical transportation.

  1. Don’t Miss the Boat, Take Out Cruise Insurance

Cruise ships don’t wait, so if you’ve missed flights and you’re missing your luggage, you could face significant problems at the beginning of your holiday. If your flight to the cruise ship’s harbour is cancelled due to weather, and you miss embarkation, you’re pretty much out of luck and out of pocket, unless you have dedicated cruise insurance.


  1. What If You Need to Cut the Trip Short?

In the middle of your Mediterranean cruise, you get word that your grandmother is gravely ill. You need to get home fast, but you’re not sure how. This is where travel insurance can be your best friend. A travel expert will make arrangements for you to fly home from the ship’s next stop and you may be reimbursed for a significant percentage of the cost of the trip. Medical Travel Compared provide cruise insurance options so you can choose the cover that suits you.

  1. You Can Relax

The whole reason you’re going on a cruise is to relax, but it’s tough if you’re worrying about missed flights, lost luggage, bad weather, or illness. Cruise travel insurance will cover you for the unexpected, so you can indeed enjoy the holiday of a lifetime

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